JONSON Chevron belts are used primarily when the angle of incline becomes too steep for a smooth conventional conveyor belt. The belt is fitted with integrally moulded cleats which prevent the material from sliding backwards as would be the case with a smooth surface belt. Different cleat designs allow the carrying of many types of material, from bulk solids to unit loads.

JONSON chevron conveyor belts are produced with integrally moulded profiles fitted into the belt's top cover during manufacture. The shape of the chevron profiles has been carefully designed to assure excellent smooth return side support on full width return idlers and good self cleaning properties. Incline angles achievable depend upon the material's characteristics and the type of belt selected.

JONSON Chevron Belting offers a variety of pattern types to suit most applications and have the advantage of being integrally moulded as part of the Top surface and are suitable for jointing by vulcanizing or by mechanical fasteners.


Width upto 1400mm
Length upto 250 Mtrs.
Ends Open or Endless
Edges Cut or Moulded/Protected
Fabric Plies 2 to 10 in Polyester/Nylon (EP) Nylon/Nylon (NN)
Cover Thickness As per Customer Specification
Cover Grades M-24, N-17, HR, SHR, OR, Hygenic & FR
Chevron Covers Rough/Pimpled, V/C Cleats


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