JONSON has ultra modern in house facilities for weaving and dipping of Synthetic Industrial Fabric and the unit for manufacturing is called as JONSON RUBBER INDUSTRIES LIMITED., which was established in the year 2000, with a manufacturing capacity of approximately 100 tonnes per month.

JONSON Group has made a benchmark in the field of manufacturing Synthetic Fabrics for Conveyor Belts and Tyres viz. Polyester/Nylon(EP), Nylon/Nylon and Tyre Cords in India.

The Greige Belting Fabrics and Tyre Cords are woven and dipped at pre-determined temperature, tension and time to achieve the desired properties.

Due to the availability of the fabric division it has made it possible for the group to constantly grow in both the fields of Fabric as well as Textile Conveyor Belting by cutting down lead time of fabric procurement enabling improved and timely delivery schedules.


  • Uniformity in Thickness & Width

  • Controlled shrinkage

  • Dip pickup within prescribed limits

  • Controlled low Elloquations

  • Dimensionally stable

  • Weight per square meters within range

  • Higher strength

  • Smooth finish and Excellent quality


Width upto 1600mm
Yarn/Fabric Quality N6, N66 and EP
Styles Nn100 to Nn450 (N6 and N66), EP 100 to EP 600
Length Maximum Roll length 1500 meters



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