Jonson runs intense and sophisticated research & development programs relating to rubber and elastomer blends..

Our R & D labs are furnished with state of the art equipment with the most advanced infrastructure followed with a group of highly advanced doctors and senior technicians. Our team is constantly on the verge of developing newer products and work on cost effective compounds ensuring to serve our customers to the fullest.

  • All major raw material testing are done internally from Rubber to Chemicals to Fabrics, thus leading into stringent quality checks of raw materials.
  • Our team which consists of 18 engineers followed by the departmental head follows complete quality checks as per the instructions of our quality head. Our tough quality norms help us to serve our clients even better along with retaining our association.

  • Jonson's vision is to serve better by focusing on new developments in the market with competitive products, better quality and being at par with customers requirements. We are regularly in the process of addition of newer products besides the conventional heavy duty rubber conveyor belts and all this is possible with our performing R & D Team.

Tests are carried out to determine material behavior and to develop methods capable of stimulating the working conditions which the products are subjected to when operative.

Every year, our team of Doctors and technical personnel develop new products. Our latest development through our ultra modern lab and highly skilled technicians Jonson has been able to manufacture high resistant belts which can stand up to a temperature of 450 degree Celsius with fiber glass technology.

New product development also includes the realization of prototypes on preliminary production systems.

Attention to each compound and analysis of Raw materials which are made in-house makes us achieve the desired quality standards for a product suitable worldwide.