JONSON offers a wide range of belting products and its accessories for the most demanding and rigorous applications pertaining Bulk Material Handling.

JONSON has been able to conform to the most stringent norms laid down by the certification bodies like MSHA & SABS.

PVC / PVG Conveyor Belts

Mineplast Fire Resistant belting has a proven track record of superior service in coal mining and other similar applications where the high, continuous output depends largely on the performance and reliability of the belt.   Read More

Steel Cord Conveyor Belts

Jonson Midle East FZC introduces Steel Cord Conveyor Belts for the current mining techniques which demands that Conveyor Belts should handle even greater volumes, with increased centre distances and high lifts, all of which necessitated a stronger belting.   Read More

Rubber Sheets

NR / SBR Rubber Sheets (Natural Rubber Poly-isoprene - Derived from Latex Liquid) This rubber has excellent mechanical properties, low compression set & high resilience. It also has excellent dynamic & rebound properties.   Read More

Transmission Belting

JONSON Transmission Belts are manufactured from evenly laid piles of closely woven hard/soft cotton duck impregnated with special rubber compound. The piles of fabric are pre-stretched and vulcanized under high pressure to provide strength and flexibility.   Read More

Industrial Fabric

Jonson has successfully held a leadership position as the manufacturer of conveyor belt fabrics. Using its expertise which has evolved steadily over a century of supplying to belt majors across the globe,  Read More

Repair Materials

JONSON cold bonding repair materials are specially suited to repair Conveyor Belts on-site. The repair system offered is reliable, time-saving and can be carried out by the on-site maintenance team. These Repair Materials are designed   Read More