Industrial Fabrics

Jonson has successfully held a leadership position as the manufacturer of conveyor belt fabrics. Using its expertise which has evolved steadily over a century of supplying to belt majors across the globe, Jonson extends ready to use NN, EP, PP/EE belting fabrics made from polyester and nylon filament yarns imported from international suppliers. Jonson is setting up a polyester yarn manufacturing unit that will enable backward integration resulting in an even better price-value advantage for its customers. Making use of advanced twisters, wrappers, shuttle less looms and fabric treatment plants imported from the best manufacturers of the world, the focus on high quality fabrics remain very high at Jonson. As a result of these strengths, conveyor belt fabrics from Jonson provide superior adhesion, high tensile strength, good dimensional stability, optimum stress strain properties, low elongation and low post processing growth, thus prolonging the belt life.

Jonson’s strength lies in customisation of belting fabrics for its customers and offering a wide range of designs and products for special applications.

The product line up of Jonson belting fabrics segment constitutes Dipped Belting Fabrics in both Ply Belting as well as Solid Woven variety.

Jonson offers belting fabrics made of the following fibers:

  • Polyester
  • Nylon 6
  • Nylon 66

The solid woven fabrics are suitable for heavy-duty use, where strength and dynamic strain resistance are required. Besides added strength, the solid woven construction allows for more acute roller angles of monopoly-belt.




Tensile Strength



Warp (Strength class)
Weft(% of Warp Strength)
Werp- Nylon6 Weft- Nylon-6
Plain Broker Twill Oxford plain
NN80 to NN500
20%to 60%
260- 1450
Brown/black/ special/Special RFL
warp- polyester Weft-Nylon-66
Plain Broker Twill Oxford plain
EE80 to EE630
20%to 60%
350- 2200
Brown/black/ special/Special RFL

warp polyester Weft- Nylon-Polyester

Plain Broker Twill Crowfoot Weave
EE80 to EE315
20%to 50%
350- 1200
Brown/black/ special/Special RFL
Straight warp

warp- Polyester Weft- Nylon-66

Straight warp Weave
EP 400 SW to EP 800 SW
40%to 60%
1800- 250
Brown/black/ special/Special RFL

Monofilament Fabrics

Nylon6 Weft-Nylon 66/polyester Monofilament Yam

UP to EP 160
Brown/black/ special/Special RFL