Pipe Conveyor Belts

To ensure that there is no environmental contamination, Jonson has developed a conveyor belt,which carries material in the from of a pipe.The material is completely enclosed over the entire length of the conveyor.This belt can take steep angles at both horizontal and /or vertical curves. It offers dust and spillage free transport of material and offers phenomenal savings by way of material savings and installations costs.

Principles of Pipe Conveying

  • In loading area the belt acts as a normal troughing conveyor.Thereafter,special idlers are used to form an enclosed chamber like pipe.
  • Hexagonally arranged idler rolls keep the conveyorbelt closed over the track.
  • The belt opens at the conveyor head like normal belt to discharge the material.
  • On its return, the conveyor belt closes again to open up at the loading zone at head conveyor.

Product application

Cement, Chemical, Ferilizers, Power Plants and Food Industries.


  • Retains material quality from climatological influences.
  • Completely enclosed and dust free transport of material.
  • Reduces transit material loss due to spillage of material.
  • Protectas environment from chemically hazardous materiad.
  • Save space due to larger contact between material and belt allows increased angle of inclination.
  • It's flexibility allows to accommodate horizontal and vertical curves to route though difficult terrain inside and outside of the plant.
  • Narrow widths of installation and absence of hoods reduces structural material cost substantially.
  • No spillage of material from return belt.